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Fit Dreams™
Promote a tranquil sleep for better rest and recovery.
Fit Joint™
Designed to support and maintain healthy joint function.
Fit Delite™
Post-workout fuel or a protein rich snack on-the-go.
Fit Apparel
Rock our latest CBDfit Swag! Now Available!
Setting the Gold Standard
A Navy SEAL, The 4 Time World's Strongest Man and Vitamin Shoppe® Revolutionize the CBD market, defining the Gold Standard.
U.S. Navy
Meet Sean Rosario, CBDfit™ Founder, Owner and Fearless Leader
4x World's Strongest Man
Meet Brian Shaw, Owner and Founding Partner
Board Certified Physician
Meet Dr. Jacqueline Montoya, our Chief Medical Officer and Founding Partner
Fitness Supplement Expert
Meet Suzie Gatt, our General Manager and Founding Partner
What makes us different?
Every product includes a QR code you can scan and view the cannabinoid profile for your product.
Retail Partnerships
We’ve assembled an industry leading team to create products that are proudly carried on retail shelves.
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Truth in Advertising
We’re the leading CBD company in FTC compliance.
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Clean, Efficacious Products
All formulas are made with tested and efficacious levels of ingredients and never any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
Empowering Fitness
Our products are made to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it’s your first day in the gym or you’re an elite athlete.
Crop to Cabinet™
Our uncompromising commitment to quality and performance from the farms that source our hemp to our independent testing labs.
In the news
“Vitamin Shoppe’s prestigious history and continued leadership in consumer education and safe supplementation partners makes them the perfect first National Distributor for CBDfit™,” - Sean Rosario.
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